About Me

You're getting married?

I'm excited already! Your unique story is culminating into a day of beauty and celebration. I can't resist!

Hire me to interpret and retell your Brisbane or Sunshine Coast wedding day story. I'll see the details on your wedding day; the lines of text in your book. The little images that join the dots; all the little events that you can't possibly observe - they all form part of the day. I will watch for emotions, laughter, tears, toddlers, elderly relatives, and friends having a good time. Many of these people are so dear to you.

I will notice the important things and the precious people who have helped to build your story. I will do my best to photograph everything. Of course, there are also the more traditional photographs as well. These range from formal family portraits to romantic images of the two of you. Your wedding day story will contain them all.

I am a perfectionist and have spent quite a deal of time getting really good at what I do. But my images have energy because of my passion; they shout 'romance'. I am professional, yet warm and friendly. I am also very discreet.


A bit about me? I am careful and considerate in the way I work with my couples. I tailor each Brisbane wedding photography experience for each couple. My wedding clients say that I'm friendly and professional.

If asked, my husband would tell you that I am a cotton-wool-wrapping mother! And, if I'm being honest, I admit that I have a ridiculous passion for accumulating handbags! So, when I'm not swapping my wallet over, or wrapping a child in cotton-wool, I'm creating exceptionally romantic, candid and unique wedding photographs in and around Brisbane. Aaaaand, I also love coffee, or a good hot chocolate.

My Photography

I've been photographing people for a while. I got my first job as a corporate photographer for MIM Holdings in 1995. Of course, now I specialise in wedding photography in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. I have been fortunate enough to receive state and national awards for my work. I am a very friendly and down-to-earth person, with a passion for perfection. I am technically very proficient at my craft - every photo is sharp, exposed correctly, composed effectively and created through planning. My work is not just a hobby or a weekend job - it is my career, my focus.

My Expertise

I've attended a lot of workshops in my time, all aimed at improving my photography; posing, directing, lighting, communication skills, time management, and equipment and workflow techniques. My ongoing training ensures that I am abreast of industry trends, the latest techniques and demonstrates my dedication to the industry and my clients.

My Awards

Participating in the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers annual awards each year allows me to measure my expertise against the industry and enables me to network and grow my business. Missing with other professionals and having my work critiqued regularly keeps me focussed and motivated. Receiving regular awards for my work is pretty rewarding too!

My Mentoring

I mentor other photographers. Newcomers to the industry have so much to learn about social media and software, let alone how to run a successful business, keep your clients happy and take fabulous photos!

My Store

You'll notice I have a limited number of publications (both print and hard copy) that I sell to novice photographers and learners. I find writing a marvellous way of articulating the skills and techniques required whilst developing a solid understanding of the theory behind photography, and beautiful photographs. I like to write in very simple terms.

My Style

My wedding photography style is modern and romantic with crisp images and rich colours. I am capable of creating beautiful images from ordinary locations and I can create stunning images from gorgeous locations. I love taking unique wedding photographs and searching for angles that other wedding photographers may not have discovered.

Perhaps I can tell you a bit about how I work? I like to get to know you before your wedding. It's hard to explain, and many photographers would disagree, but it improves the quality of your photographs just because you feel more relaxed as I buzz about on your wedding day. We've already developed a degree of rapport, you already trust my ideas and you're comfortable with the sound of my voice.

I do take a lot of candid (unposed) wedding photographs on your wedding day, about one per minute. I'm also very good at directing the two of you so that you know where to look and what to do with your hands. I'm highly trained at posing and if you like, I can pose you so that you appear thinner, happier, prettier, more masculine, or whatever it is that you may want to chat to me about.

My Background
I have been a photographer for 20 years, with the last seven years focussed on weddings. I started, like most photographers, covering a wide range of subjects but developed a skill and passion for wedding photography. I have trained under some of the best wedding photographers in Australia and the world .... and that was a privledge and an enormous learning experience.

I am a master practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), which makes me an excellent communicator and gives me the ability to comfortably relate to a lot of different people. I am a Reiki practitioner which demonstrates my ability to connect to people in a special way. My husband and I have three sons and live in Brisbane's west.

Please contact me if you might be interested in having me as your Brisbane or Sunshine Coast wedding photographer on 07 3300 5618.

By Sheona Beach.

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