Actor Headshots Brisbane

Specialist Actor Headshot Photographer in Brisbane

If you're an actor, you need a specialist photographer who can help you generate expressions, highlight your eyes, show your style, pull out your personality, and support your brand.

MY ACTOR HEADSHOTS ARE UNIQUE because I specialise in creating organic looking images using natural light. The appearance of my actor headshot photographs is completely different from other actor headshots taken in a studio. The irises in your eyes will look beautiful. Your pupils will be small, showing off the colour in your eyes.

I understand that your headshots need to be consistent with who you portray, what you project, and the type of role you are looking for. Your headshot is your brand. A headshot should allow people to imagine you in various different roles, within your type of character. The opportunities that a good actor headshot can get you are sky high.

Give me a call because you should be auditioning more!

Actor Headshot Pricing in Brisbane

My pricing is very economical because I work from my home in Brisbane. You get all of the photographs and you get to select your favourite/s by viewing them on your own computer, in your own time. Just let me know if you want something Photoshopped once you've decided on your favourites. Click here to view my Brisbane Actor Headshots prices. I can include hair and makeup for your headshots, just ask.

I'm an experienced photographer and I can photograph many different styles. The price is the same for natural light, studio light, outdoor shots and indoor shots. Got a preference? Show me the style of photo you are after and we can recreate it.

You should update your headshots each time you change your look, or once every two to three years.

What will Happen During My Headshot Session?

I work collaboratively with you and we check on your images as the photo shoot progresses to ensure you’re happy with the photos. I won’t let you leave until we’ve nailed it.

During the headshot photo shoot, you may be posed in a position for a while so make sure you maintain your posture and energy towards the camera. You will need to communicate with your eyes. Let yourself 'feel' and your expression will show in your eyes. Select a clothing colour that makes your eyes stand out, and avoid patterns.

Building rapport with my clients and creating a safe space for you to work is my forte. There's no need to get anxious. I will get quite detailed with the way that I direct you, and we will keep going until we feel I have the shots that you need. You can view the images as we go through your acting headshot photo shoot. Your eyes will be beautifully lit.

I'll make you look like the real you, on a good day. I won't Photoshop you to look glamorous or different. Photoshop can take care of temporary blemishes. Your hair style should look similar to how it will look when you will turn up to an audition. You can make minor changes to your hair during the shoot, but essentially, you will want to look the same as you will look when you meet the casting team.

How to Prepare for your Actor Headshots

On the day, we'll be looking at capturing a few different actor headshots for you (like a warm smile, a theatrical expression, a furrowed brow, etc.). The photographs must show that there's something special going on behind your eyes. You will need to brief me and tell me what you want. What roles are you looking for, and what do you want your photos to look like? Background? Light, dark? Airy? Outdoors? Don't wear anything too dramatic or distracting; stick to neutral, or solid colours. The colour of your clothes and the background can affect the way your image communicates your personality. We will chat about this.

Your clothes should complement your style, and suggest the kind of role that you are looking for. Make sure you practise in front of a camera or mirror before you come along so that you really know how your face works and moves. You will need to think of yourself objectively and so consider taking photos of yourself and analysing them.

Wear your hair and makeup the same way that you willl when you go to the audition; you don't want to look different from your photograph.

Brisbane Actor Headshot Photograph by Sheona Beach
Actor Headshot Brisbane Photograph by Sheona Beach
Brisbane Actor Headshot Photograph by Sheona Beach
Brisbane Actor Headshot Photograph by Sheona Beach